I was recently asked about whether it’s best to use title case or sentence case for blog post titles. Great question!

Just so you know…..

Title Case Is When Every Word Starts With A Capital Letter

Sentence case is like a normal sentence, with only the first word starting with a capital letter

There is no hard and fast rule and it usually comes down to the preference of the writer, but let’s look at when each type is most commonly used. This goes for blog headlines, website page headings, sub headings and buttons.

When to use title case

As a general rule, title case tends to be used in a heading when the article is written by a business or company, rather than an individual person. It gives more of a corporate voice.

Title case is considered to be the traditional way of presenting a headline. It’s commonly used in news articles and is popular in the USA. It tends to be slightly more authoritative which is why it’s a popular choice for businesses and important corporate documents, articles and presentations.

It’s also a way of making the title stand out from the rest of the copy, so a reader is lured to the headline and is hopefully enticed to click and read on further.

There are two options for using title case:

  1. One Is To Have Every Single Word Start With A Capital Letter
  2. The Other is to Only Have the Dominant Words or Proper Nouns Start With a Capital Letter

Option 2 can get a bit confusing and it’s easy to become inconsistent.

When to use sentence case

Sentence case is generally a bit more personable, and is a good option when the blog is written by an individual person rather than a business or company. It’s easy because it eliminates the question of which words to capitalise.

This is my personal preferred choice and I think it simply looks better.

It usually encourages more interaction and engagement because it feels more like one person writing to another person. Sentence case is easier for people to scan (and everyone scans content!) because the consistency of the words means a scanners eye can flow easily.


Consistency is the key

Whichever option you choose to use is fine, as long as it suits your business and your style of writing. The key is to pick one and remain consistent.

If you go with sentence case, use it for all your blog post headlines, your website headlines, sub headings and even your website CTA buttons.

Are you Team Sentence or Team Title? Let me know!