Anyone can just pick up a pen (or keyboard) and write. So it makes sense that you’d just write your own content for your brand, right?

Well of course you can. Go ahead. Try it. But I’m guessing you’ll get stuck pretty quickly.

This is because copywriters do way more that just write. They communicate, and there’s a big difference.

I always try to explain it as being a bit like Chinese Whispers:

When I’m writing some copy, I have to listen closely to what the business is trying to communicate and look at the ways they have been trying to get that message across. Often their target audience is just staring at them blankly.

My job is to take that message and completely rearrange it, so the message remains the same but it comes across in a way the audience understands it. And then we’re in business!

Here are some other reasons why good copywriting is oh so good for your brand.

1. Good copywriting shows you value your brand

If it’s clear you’ve made the investment of using a skilled copywriter, you’ll show that you value your brand and respect your audience. The right copywriter will pay particular attention to the details of your brand and deliver the right message and tone of voice to your audience. They will bring your brand to life and set you up for a stellar content marketing strategy.

2. Copywriting increases sales when it’s done well

I don’t know of any business that doesn’t want to make sales. Even non-profit organisations have to sell enough to remain operational. These days it takes a lot more to make a sale than just printing a flyer with a picture of your product and a list of features.

You need the kind of communication that only a copywriter can bring, that lists features, benefits and advantages and does it in an emotionally connecting way. When you can blend everything your product has to offer in a way that tells a story, people will be waving money in your face begging you to take it from them.

3. Clever copywriting gets you found

For hard copy printed material, it’s generally the design that’s going to get you noticed and help you stand out. The copy is then the icing on the cake.

But the online world is completely different. It’s your copy that’s going to help you get found – through good old Search Engine Optimisation. There are a ton of specialist SEO companies out there who will help you with rankings, but many copywriters are dipping their toes into the world of SEO copywriting too. The phrases you meticulously choose and the placement of those phrases has an impact on your website rankings and can do wonders for helping you get found online.

4. Bad copy makes you look unprofessional

Bad copy is really bad for your business. You’ll not only suffer by not selling much, not getting found online and not having your message heard, you’ll look sloppy and unprofessional if your copy is full of errors.

I can’t tell you the number of websites I come across that still can’t seem to get ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ right, or ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ in the right place. These are basic grammar lessons taught to seven year olds. If you can’t get this right in your business, where else are you stuffing up? Your written material is public and highly influential. If you haven’t taken the time to check it’s all correct, we can only wonder what your back end processes and customer service is like.

Putting some time and effort into your copywriting can transform your business. Look for a talented copywriter to get your copy up to scratch, or learn to do it yourself. You’ll be glad you did.