Keyword Report

What is a keyword report?

A keyword report is a list of hand picked keyword phrases based on Google’s search results.

It’s a list of the words your customers are typing into Google to find a business just like yours. 

A keyword report takes the guess work out of writing and optimising your website content and blogs. When you’re targeting the wrong phrases, or not targeting any phrases at all, you won’t get much of a payoff for all your hard work producing that content.

Target the right kind of phrases that will bring the right kind of traffic, and you’ll have much better chance of finding your ideal clients.


What’s the process?

I’ll send you a brief to complete and will find out as much as I can about your business and your ideal customers.

I’ll then do my research and work my magic to produce a list of keywords and keyword phrases that will best suit your business. You can use these words in your website content, your blogs, online advertisements and social media posts to attract more targeted traffic.

How much will it cost?

See below for a report price and what’s included.


Target the right keyword phrases

Why choose me for your keyword research?



I know what to look for when choosing the best keywords



You’ll receive your report within 10 working days of completing your brief


A keyword report is a low cost way to make a difference to your content

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Want the right keywords for your website?